Hello, I’m a GM!

Greetings Internet, and thank you for coming to read this blog on which I’ll be writing about role-playing games (RPGs) from the perspective of the poor schmuck who signed up to run the show – your GM!

For those wondering or curious at this point, an RPG is a game in which a group of players take on the role of characters in a story created by the GM (also known as a Game Master, Dungeon Master, Storyteller, Maim Master if you’re into that sort of thing…). These characters skills are represented numerically, actions are generally resolved using dice, and the players actions, successes and failures take the story in new directions. The tabletop RPG has a distinct advantage on computer-based RPGs – Namely, the person sitting in the chair, the GM, who is capable of reacting to entirely unforeseen choices. In theory, this afford the players a tremendous amount of agency.

So, ever wondered what’s behind the curtain? Or maybe you’re looking to start a group yourself, and are looking for tips to give your players a good experience? You could certainly do worse than reading this here blog, wherein I will be publishing my thoughts, opinions and techniques on how I run my games, and perhaps even a pre-written adventure or two!


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