Changeling: The Lost – Ill-Conceived Oaths (Part 1)

This is the first part of a short (2-3 sessions) pre-written starter adventure for Changeling: The Lost, a World of Darkness game about fairy-folklore that’s currently one of my favourite settings. Whilst I’m going to be using various Changeling-specific terminologies here, this can (with a little tweaking) be adapted for other systems that include congruent story elements such as literally binding promises.

This adventure would be best used, in my opinion, as an opening to a long-term game, a short “Taster” adventure with a group trying systems out, or a short side-story to an existing chronicle.

As this is aimed at newer players, I will be explaining terminology in brief the first time it comes up.

Abstract: The characters are tricked into making a seemingly innocuous pledge – a literal binding promise – to make sure another Changeling’s acquaintance isn’t late for a scheduled appointment. The task becomes infinitely more difficult, however, when they discover that the man in question hasn’t been seen for a while, and they may have been conned into participating in a rescue mission against their will – or perhaps even a suicide mission!

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